EVO Craft Bakery is open daily (M-Sat) 7am-4pm ~ located behind EVO, EVO Craft Bakery is the fresh, baked goods complement to EVO Pizzeria

dinner specials 3/3

snack plate $15
coppa, speck, bresaola, house pimento goat cheese, house pickles,
chow chow, creamy dill & horseradish spread, “cheese itz”,
Charleston artisan cheese house “battery park”, crostini

local spinach salad $8/11
ambrose spinach, wood-fired corn, crumbled mindoro blue cheese, rainbow carrots,
pickled red onion, garlic croutons, sc bacon vinaigrette, parmigiano-reggiano

sausage & spinach $12/14
creamy ricotta, house sausage, ambrose spinach, butternut squash,
pickled red onion, roasted garlic, mozzarella, parmigiano-reggiano

fudge $2
split creek farms goats milk peanut butter chocolate fudge
king of pops $4
arnold palmer, banana puddin’, strawberry lemonade, key lime pie, maple pecan


Holy City “Half Calf” (RJ Rockers) (N. Charleston, SC)
Taking cold-press coffee from Coastal Coffee Roasters in Summerville, applying it to a strong-ish milk stout, giving a super roasty, black, velvety smooth, perk-inducing beer.”
(7.3%) $6 (11oz) $8 (16oz)
Westbrook 100% Brett Rye IPA (Mount Pleasant, SC)
This is an all Brett IPA, which creates a tangy, funky, tart flavor, coupled with plenty of hops & rye to make this beer very unique, drinkable, & interesting, can’t miss.
(6.2%) $6.50
Boulevard “80-Acre Wheat” (Kansas City, MO)
This hybrid is a delightfully distinctive ale with the aroma of an IPA and the refreshing taste of a wheat beer.
(5.5%) $5.50
New Belgium “Cocoa Mole” (Fort Collins, CO)
The cult classic returns! Chocolate, cinnamon and chilies combine for a sweet and spicy burst of fun in this Lips of Faith offering. Brewed with deep caramel and dark chocolate malts and a healthy dash of chocolate rye.
(9.0%) $5.50 (11oz)
Coast “Carnie Fire” (N. Charleston, SC)
This is a hoppy red ale done right, with the right biscuity turn of the malt & the right hefty hop profile to match it. (CHS Beer)(5.0%) $6.50
Coast Smoked Rye Pale Ale (North Charleston, SC)
This smokey rye is balanced with a nice rye bite, which gives it some mild bourbon characteristics. The smoke blends into the hops & malts to make this a very intriguing, & smokey beer.
(5.4%) $6.50


EVO in Bon Appetit


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“We’ve always loved the palmetto-lined streets and legendary Low Country cooking this city offers.  But the real draw now is a booming restauarant scene that has made it the South’s most exciting food destination…”
– By Brys Stephens

New York Times Feature

New York Times Featured  Park Circle, including EVO Craft Bakery!

If you didn’t see it on Food Network…

Check out our segment on the show Pizza Outside The Box!  EVO was filmed in August 2011 and voted as top 50 pizzas in the U.S. and the best pizza in SC!  EVO’s Pistachio Pesto Pizza was highlighted as one of the top 10 in the U.S. in Food Network’s Cooking Channel on Pizza Outside The Box.

EVO listed as top 35 Best Pizzas in America 2012

EVO is listed as one of the top 35 Best Pizzas in America! Thanks!!

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