Drink Menu

On Tap

Oak Road “Ausfahrt” (Summerville, SC) German Pilsner (5.2%) $7.00 (16oz)
Pale German Pilsner with sweet graham cracker malt character and firm hop bitterness and hop aroma.
Charles Town Fermentory “Dutchman’s Breeches” (Charleston, SC) Belgian Dark Ale (9.5%) $7 (8oz)
This Belgian strong dark ale is aged on various whiskey oak spirals from High Wire Distillery with cherries, plums, and raspberries.
Revelry “Never Sunny” (Charleston, SC) IPA (6.5%) $7
IPA brewed with oats and a low flocculating yeast, with massive amounts of citra and mosaic hops added at whirlpool. The resulting beer is opaque and hazy, overflowing with tropical fruit flavor and aroma.
Cooper River “KB Saison” (Charleston, SC) Saison (5.5%) $7
A local take on a Saison with blackberries and black plums. Refreshing and moderately fruity beer perfect for a hot summer day.
Munkle “5 Branches” (Charleston, SC) Biere de Garde (7.7%) $6.50 (12oz)
First of three in a series of Biere de Garde beers. This tasty brew has aromas of golden raison and apple blossoms. Malty and light coffee notes precede a clean and dry finish.
Holy City “Way out There Gose” (N. Charleston, SC) Sour (3.3%) $7.50 (16oz)
Gose brewed with German Pilsner and Wheat malts. Kettle-soured with additions of hibiscus and pink sea salt before fermentation and round out with Summer hops. It’s salty, crisp and tart, and it’s ready for your drinking pleasure.

Light & Easy

Revelry Kook-asaurus (Charleston, SC) kolsch (5.0%) $6
Revelry "Lay Day" (Charleston) English Summer Ale (4.5%) $6
Coast "32/50" (N. Charleston) Kolsch (4.8%) $5
Revelry "Gullah" (SC) cream ale (5.0%) $6
Edmunds Oast "Something Cold" (Charleston, SC) Blonde Ale (5.0%) $7 (16oz)


Revelry "Hotel Rendezvous" (Charleston, SC) Wheat (5.0%) $6
Palmetto "Raspberry Rewind" (Charleston, SC) raspberry wheat (5.0%) $6
Edmund's Oast "Coin Operated" (Charleston, SC) belgian pale ale (4.5%) $8
Holy City "Madam Basil" (Charleston) saison (5.0%) $6
Westbrook “White Thai” (SC) witbier (5.0%) $6
Holy City “Washout Wheat” (SC) Hefeweizen (5.1%) $5

Ciders & Sours

Westbrook "Lemon Cucumber Gose" (Mt. Pleasant, SC) gose (4.0%) $7
Wolffer “No. 139” (NY) dry rose cider (6.9%) $9
Westbrook “Gose” (SC) gose (4.0%) $6
Citizen Cider “Dirty Mayor” (VT) ginger cider (5.2%) $9
Citizen Cider “Lake Hopper” (VT) dry hopped cider (6.2%) $9

Hop Heavy

Holy City "Yeast Wrangler" (N. Charleston, SC) Imperial IPA (9.5%) $6
Lo-Fi “Jacuzzi” (Charleston, SC) IPA (6.9%) $10
Westbrook "Citrus Redacted" (Charleston, SC) IPA (8.5%) $11
Frothy Beard "Andale" (Charleston, SC) jalapeno pale ale (5.1%) $5
Coast "Hopart" (Charleston, SC) IPA (7.7%) $6
COAST "Dead Arm" (SC) APA (6.0%) $6
Palmetto “Huger St” (SC) wheat IPA (7.2%) $5


Revelry "Church Lady" () ESB (5.0%) $7
Frothy Beard “Tides” (SC) irish red ale (6.2%) $5
Edmund's Oast "Lord Proprietor's Mild" (Charleston, SC) english dark mild (3.5%) $8

white wine

Chardonnay "De Forville" (Piedmont) $9/34
Gavi “Le Terre Di Stefano Massone” (Piedmont) $7/26
Pinot Grigio “Scarpetta (Friuli) $8/30
Verdicchio "Sartarelli" (Marche) $9/34
Prosecco "Bocelli" (Veneto) $10 split
Rosato “Pinot Project” (Verona) $10/38

red wine

Valpolicella "Mazzi" (Veneto) $11/42
Cabernet “Lis Neris” (Fruili) $45/btl
Lambrusco Dolce “Alfredo Bertolani” (Emilia Romagna) $8/30
Barbera D’Asti “Blina” (Piedmont) $10/38
Sangiovese "La Spinetta 'll Nero" (Tuscany) $10/$38
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo "Vigneti del Sole" (Abruzzo) $7/26
Schiava "Alois Lagedar" (Alto Adige) $9/34
Nebbiolo "Bruna Grimaldi" (Piedmont) $52/btl

Soft drinks

Tea (sweet, unsweet) $2
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $2 (12oz)
Mexican Coke $3
Sprecher Root Beer $3
Pellegrino $3.50 (500ml)