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On Tap

Frothy Beard “Holy Water” (Charleston, SC) Saison (4.5%) $7 (16oz)
It’s a light and refreshing Belgian Saison with Soraci Ace hops that lend a grassy citrus flavor and aroma with a hint of dill in the nose.
Westbrook "Mexican Cake" (Mt. Pleasant, SC) Imperial Stout (10.5%) $6.00 (8oz)
This is Westbrook's serious imperial stout, aged on cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, & fresh habeñero peppers, don't pass this monster up, ¡Olé!
Charles Towne Fermentory “Mars Express” (Charleston, SC) American Pale Ale (5.8%) $7 (12oz)
An excellent local American Pale Ale. Hop forward without being overly bitter, nice citrus notes and a dry finish.
Commonhouse “White Point Light” (North Charleston, SC) light ale (5.2%) $7.50 (16oz)
An approachable craft-brewed American light ale that will quench even the strongest thirst. Subtle malt sweetness is balanced by just enough delicate, floral hops. This is the perfect beer to combat the heat and humidity of Charleston.
Fat Pig “ESB” (Johns Island, SC) ESB (5.5%) $5.50 (16oz)
Darker malt base, almost amber in color with subtle hops to give a nice pop of bitterness.
Palmetto “Brassy Blonde” (Charleston, SC) Belgian Blonde Ale (6.5%) $6.50 (16oz)
Local Belgian Blonde Ale brewed with orange zest. Light and refreshing session beer.

Light & Easy

Cooper River “Golden Ale” (SC) golden ale (4.3%) $5
Palmetto “Lowcountry Pils” (SC) pilsner (4.5%) $5
Freehouse “Folly’s Pride” (SC) blonde ale (4.8%) $5
COAST “32˚/50˚” (SC) kolsch style (4.8%) $5
Revelry “Gullah” (SC) cream ale (5.0%) $6
Sixpoint “Crisp” (NY) pilsner (5.4%) $5


Holy City "Madam Basil" (SC) saison (6.7%) $5
Lo-Fi “Glitter Pony” (SC) tripel (8.4%) $10
Revelry “Hotel Rendezvous” (SC) bavarian wheat (5.0%) $7
Westbrook “White Thai” (SC) witbier (5.0%) $6
Holy City “Washout Wheat” (SC) Hefeweizen (5.1%) $5
Revelry “God’s Favorite” (SC) belgian strong ale (9.0%) $6
Lo-Fi "Blueberry Wheat" (SC) fruit (5.2%) $6

Ciders & Sours

Westbrook "Key Lime Gose" (SC) gose (4.0%) $7
Westbrook “Gose” (SC) gose (4.0%) $6
Citizen Cider “Dirty Mayor” (VT) ginger cider (5.2%) $9
Citizen Cider “Lake Hopper” (VT) dry hopped cider (6.2%) $9
Wolffer “No. 139” (NY) dry rose cider (6.9%) $10

Hop Heavy

Frothy Beard “Andale” (SC) jalapeno pale ale (5.1%) $5
Westbrook “One Claw” (SC) rye pale ale (5.5%) $6
COAST "Dead Arm" (SC) APA (6.0%) $6
Freehouse “Green Door” (SC) IPA (6.2%) $6
Revelry “Lefty Loosey” (SC) IPA (7.0%) $6
Palmetto “Huger St” (SC) wheat IPA (7.2%) $5
Cooper River “IPA” (SC) IPA (7.8%) $5


Holy City “Pluff Mud Porter” (SC) american porter (5.5%) $5
Revelry “Midnight Special” (SC) american stout (5.5%) $7
Westbrook “Dark Helmet” (SC) black lager (5.5%) $9
Frothy Beard “Tides” (SC) irish red ale (6.2%) $5
Holy City “Chucktown Follicle Brown” (SC) hoppy brown ale (6.5%) $5
Revelry "Dark Bier" (SC) shwarzbier (4.5%) $6

white wine

Chardonnay “Elena Walch" (Alto Adige) $10/38
Gavi “La Luciana” (Piedmont) $7/26
Pinot Grigio “Cornaro” (Veneto) $8/30
Verdicchio "Sartarelli" (Marche) $9/34
Prosecco "Scarpetta" (Veneto) $7
Rosato “Pinot Project” (Verona) $10/38

red wine

Cabernet “Maculan Palazzotto” (Veneto) $52/btl
Lambrusco Dolce “Alfredo Bertolani” (Emilia Romagna) $8/30
Barbera D’Alba “Paolo Conterno” (Piedmont) $44/btl
Sangiovese "La Spinetta 'll Nero" (Tuscany) $10/$38
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo "Vigneti del Sole" (Italy) $7/26
Baby Amarone “Appassionatamente” (Veneto) $9/42
Pinot Nero "Colterezio" (Italy) $9/34

Soft drinks

Tea (sweet, unsweet) $2
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $2 (12oz)
Mexican Coke $3
Sprecher Root Beer $3
Pellegrino $3.50 (500ml)