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Snafu “Trap House Ale” (Charleston, SC) pale ale (5.3%) $7 (16oz)
Snafu “Trap House Ale” (Charleston, SC) Snafu’s new house ale brewed with 100% Cascade hops. Easy drinking and refreshing American Pale Ale. You’ll want more than one, and at this ABV you can. (5.3%) $7
Oak Road "Joggling Board (Summerville, SC) Helles Lager (4.5%) $7.00 (16oz)
This Munich Helles is subdued and balanced with malts and a slight hop characteristic. Light and crisp like a Czech pils with an extra hit of malts. "Helles" is German for "bright."
Freehouse "Lucky Oyster Stout" (Charleston, SC) Stout (5.7%) 6.5
Fresh lowcountry oysters harvested by the brewery were added to the kettle to create a smooth, roasty stour with moderate minerality.
Revelry “Never Sunny” (Charleston, SC) IPA (7.1%) $7 (16oz)
IPA brewed with oats and a low flocculating yeast, with massive amounts of citra and mosaic hops added at whirlpool. The resulting beer is opaque and hazy, overflowing with tropical fruit flavor and aroma.
Oak Road “Summer Sun” (Summerville, SC) Pilsner (5.0%) 7.00 (16oz)
Brewed to commemorate Oak Road’s three year anniversary. This light and refreshing pilsner has a crisp and dry finish.
Holy City “Biere de Garde” (North Charleston, SC) Saison (7.1%) $7.50 (16oz)
Biere De Garde is Holy City’s take on keeping beer for French farmhouses in the spring and the summertime, to avoid the unpredictability of yeasts when it gets very hot outside. Starting with a build of Pale and Munich malts, they hopped this brew with Hallertau, Hershbruker and Cascade before letting Canadian Belgian yeast do its work and turn water into beer.

Light & Easy

Lo-Fi "Mexican Lager" (Charleston) mexican lager (5.0%) $5
Palmetto "Lowcountry Lager" (Charleston, SC) lager (5.5%) $5
CHS Brewery District "Cooper River Summer Ale" (Charleston, SC) Blueberry infused Blonde Ale (4.5%) $6
Cooper River “Golden Ale” (SC) golden ale (4.3%) $5
Freehouse “Folly’s Pride” (SC) blonde ale (4.8%) $5
COAST “32˚/50˚” (SC) kolsch style (4.8%) $5
Edmunds Oast "Something Cold" (Charleston, SC) Blonde Ale (5.0%) $7 (16oz)


Holy City "Madame Basil" (Charleston) saison (5.0%) $6
Westbrook “White Thai” (SC) witbier (5.0%) $6
Holy City “Washout Wheat” (SC) Hefeweizen (5.1%) $5

Ciders & Sours

Wolffer “No. 139” (NY) dry rose cider (6.9%) $9
Westbrook "Key Lime Gose" (SC) gose (4.0%) $7
Westbrook “Gose” (SC) gose (4.0%) $6
Citizen Cider “Dirty Mayor” (VT) ginger cider (5.2%) $9
Citizen Cider “Lake Hopper” (VT) dry hopped cider (6.2%) $9

Hop Heavy

Cooper River IPA (Charleston, SC) IPA (7.8%) $5
Coast "Hopart" (Charleston, SC) IPA (7.7%) $6
Edmunds Oast "Bound by Time" (Charleston, SC) IPA (7.0%) $9
Westbrook “One Claw” (SC) rye pale ale (5.5%) $6
COAST "Dead Arm" (SC) APA (6.0%) $6
Freehouse “Green Door” (SC) IPA (6.2%) $6
Palmetto “Huger St” (SC) wheat IPA (7.2%) $5
Coast "Boy King" (SC) Imperial IPA (9.7%) $7


Holy City “Pluff Mud Porter” (SC) american porter (5.5%) $5
Revelry “Church Lady" (SC) ESB (5.0%) $7
Westbrook “Dark Helmet” (SC) black lager (5.5%) $9
Frothy Beard “Tides” (SC) irish red ale (6.2%) $5
Holy City “Chucktown Follicle Brown” (SC) hoppy brown ale (6.5%) $5
Revelry "Dark Bier" (SC) shwarzbier (4.5%) $6

white wine

Chardonnay “Elena Walch" (Alto Adige) $10/38
Gavi “Le Terre Di Stefano Massone” (Piedmont) $7/26
Pinot Grigio “Scarpetta (Friuli) $8/30
Verdicchio "Sartarelli" (Marche) $9/34
Prosecco "Scarpetta" (Veneto) $7
Rosato “Pinot Project” (Verona) $10/38

red wine

Valpolicella "Mazzi" (Veneto) $11/42
Cabernet “Maculan Palazzotto” (Veneto) $52/btl
Lambrusco Dolce “Alfredo Bertolani” (Emilia Romagna) $8/30
Barbera D’Alba “Paolo Conterno” (Piedmont) $44/btl
Sangiovese "La Spinetta 'll Nero" (Tuscany) $10/$38
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo "Vigneti del Sole" (Italy) $7/26
Schiava "Alois Lagedar" (Alto Adige) $9/34
Pinot Nero "Colterezio" (Italy) $9/34

Soft drinks

Tea (sweet, unsweet) $2
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $2 (12oz)
Mexican Coke $3
Sprecher Root Beer $3
Pellegrino $3.50 (500ml)