Craft Bakery

1075 East Montague
North Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 225-1810
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Opening hours:
Mon - Sat: 7am - 10pm
Sun: 9am - 9pm

When the EVO brick & mortar turned five years old, we took a step back and surveyed the local food community to see what was missing. Baking seemed to be an underserved niche, specifically European breads and pastry. We put our oven expertise to work and opened EVO Bakery in 2012, adjacent to EVO Pizzeria.

The same principles of sourcing local/regional ingredients and handcrafting goodness that started EVO guide our bakery operations. In addition to a storefront and counter where folks can buy loaves directly from us, EVO Bakery supplies bread to numerous restaurants and retailers in the Charleston area, contact us to inquire about wholesale opportunities.

EVO Craft Bakery offers a full selection of pastries and breakfast treats as well as a rotating sandwich menu featuring our artisan breads.

For dinner, our small plate menu that is curated each week by a different EVO Pizzeria chef focusing on what is the freshest possible ingredient available at that time. If your looking for just a snack, or a full tasting menu to share, our talented team emerges themselves into the dinning experience showcasing their passion.


Sandwiches $11


EVO Craft Bakery breads available: semolina, abruzzi rye, sour wheat 

 ham, salami, coppa, provolone, oregano dressing, olive salad, EVO craft bakery semolina (served hot)

mozzerella, basil, pickled red onion, local tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette, EVO craft bakery abruzzi rye (served cold)

Roast Beef
roast beef, hooks 3 yr cheddar, kurios farms bibb lettuce, pickled red onion,
dill horseradish aioli, EVO craft bakery sour wheat
(served hot or cold)

 roasted turkey breast, tomato, arugula, blue cheese aioli, EVO craft bakery sour wheat (served hot or cold)

Duck Cuban
 duck confit, speck, whole grain mustard, mojo aioli, pickles, swiss, EVO craft bakery abruzzi rye (served hot)





pasta salad $5

 fusilli, lunch box peppers, red onion,

castelvetrano olives, Hooks 3 yr cheddar, fontina,



chicken & waffle $7

maple bacon fresno butter


tacos $8

pork confit, wilted spinach, salsa,


       stuffed peppers $7

italian sausage, basil, tomato,



Meatball Skewers $8

 meatballs, Hooks 3 yr cheddar, red onion,

 lunch box pepper, tomato, bibb lettuce,

SC bacon


Burnt Marshmallows $5

 Almond granola, Ambrose strawberries,



(Available Monday-Saturday)

Baguette  $3
semolina baguette

Boules & Batards  $6
semolina, country wheat, abruzzi rye, sour wheat


danishes & croissants
assorted danishes & croissants, sweet & savory options available

cookies  3/$1
peanut butter, chocolate chip & snickerdoodle


coffee & espresso
beans roasted locally by springbok coffee

lenny boy kombucha from charlotte, nc

other n/a bev
coke, diet coke, sprite, blenheims, rootbeer, Pellegrino, orange Pellegrino, bottled dasani

rotating drafts, wines and nightcaps


(whole pie orders available by pre-order)

Pecan Pie $6

graham cracker crust, pecans,

house whipped creamh

Cheesecake $6

graham cracker crust, housemade cheesecake,

caramel or assorted topping available

housemade ice cream $5

rotating flavors

* add a scoop to any dessert $2.50 *

affogato $7

choice of ice cream, espresso,

whipped cream, house topping

king of pops $4

rotating flavors

fudge $2

rotating flavors